Delivery Time: 1 – 24 Hours

This service will provide you with real information coming from Apple’s database. This service Provides the Next Tether Policy ID Info.
If your device is SIM Unlocked, then obviously it is not locked to a particular network, meaning no carrier will be provided. (Checks the current carrier your device is locked to (Next Tether) and SIM Lock Status)

Below are two examples of the results from this service:

Report sample 1:
Model: iPhone 7 Plus Black 32GB
IMEI: 35380xxxxxxx
Serial Number: F2MSYRxxxx
Locked Carrier: UK Vodafone
SIMLock Status: Locked

Report sample 2:
Model: iPhone 7 Plus Black 32GB
IMEI: 35380xxx
Serial Number: F2MSYRxx
Locked Carrier: Unlocked (does not show the carrier if it is unlocked)
SIMLock Status: Unlocked